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The 3 Best Carpet Cleaners In Portland, OR

TLDR: When it comes to the quality of service, whether or not repair services are offered, the applied techniques and service area, some carpet cleaners in Portland, OR stand out among the rest. While the big-box franchises are recognizable, you can find a more personalized and careful touch from the locally-owned and operated business’. After extensively researching and comparing we can say with confidence that Fresh Carpet and Floor Care is the best choice for your carpet cleaning needs.

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Necessary

Carpet cleaning is a service that many people utilize to keep their home or business clean, reduce allergens and prolong the life of their carpeted floors. Because the overall health of your space is directly affected by how well your carpets are cleaned it is important to find the absolute best carpet cleaners available in Portland. We took a look at the top 3 companies and compared what they have to offer to find the best of the best!

How To Compare Carpet Cleaners

In order to find the best company, certain attributes were compared that directly affect the outcome of the service. Specifically, we compared:

  • How thorough the service is, from finding a quote to how the job is completed.
  • What options besides cleaning are available for your carpeted floors.
  • The techniques used and their efficacy.
  • The service area each company operates in.

These qualifiers are critical for having a good carpet cleaning experience and some companies shine in all 4 categories. 

Protip: We omitted big box carpet cleaning franchises from this list because they often lack the personal care and attention that locally-owned carpet cleaners provide. 

The 3 Best Carpet Cleaners In Portland, OR

Now that we have our qualifiers laid out, we can begin to examine and compare the three best options you have as a local Portland resident. 

Fresh Carpet & Floor Care

In first place, Fresh Carpet & Floor Care is our best choice for carpet cleaning in Portland. Here’s why:

From quote to finish: Fresh Carpet not only offers a fillable form for free estimates but has an extensive booking form available right from their website, with listed prices and a service calculator. Their service areas are also laid out in great detail, leaving nothing to guesswork. They also utilize a dry pass and multiple drying fans to give you the quickest drying carpet cleaning job available.

Carpet options: In addition to carpet repair and stretching, there are also options for dying carpets, with precise color matching and follow-up care instructions to make sure the dyeing lasts. This means replacing the carpet is the absolute last option if your floors need a little extra love and care.

Techniques: Similar to the other entries spot treatments and odor removal are options but Fresh Carpet uses a special Counter Rotating Brush to thoroughly agitate any debris, dirt, and grime out of the carpet material. Finally, they also utilize steam to further break down any residue before extracting everything with hot water.

Service area: The area’s that they service are listed on their site and include over 116 specific locations in the Portland, OR area, making Fresh Carpet an option for most residents in every corner of the city.

Learn more about Fresh Carpet and Floor Care Here

Alameda Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Care

Starting at the bottom of our list is Alameda Carpet. They offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services as well as pet odor removal. We picked them as our third spot for the following reasons: 

From quote to finish: They do not offer a way to receive quotes without first calling, and do not offer any list of their service areas on their site, requiring you to contact them in order to confirm whether they can service your building

Carpet options: They have Maxim Carpet Protector application with their cleanings, which is a layer that protects against dirt and grime after the initial cleaning. But, there is a lack of any options for repairing or re-stretching carpets, which makes them less of an option if your carpet is old or in disrepair.

Techniques: Their techniques are solid and focus on utilizing pre-spray and pre-spot solutions which are then removed via hot water extraction. Great options, but lacking in any agitation or steam cleaning means spots are likely to return after some time. 

Service area: At a glance, they list the Greater Area of Portland and Vancouver, but without a list, it will require you to contact them before knowing if they can come directly to you. 

With these things in mind they are a good choice but not the best available. 

A+ Carpet Cleaning 

Coming in at second place is A+ Carpet cleaning, a small, family-owned business. Here is how they compare with our listed qualifiers:

From quote to finish: Similar to the last cleaner, there is no option to look at their service area without calling them, but they do provide a service calculator on their site. This requires a bit of input on the customer’s end but can quickly give you a rough idea of how much you may end up spending. They have the added benefit of providing an extra run-over of your carpets to lower the drying time. 

Carpet options: A+ has both repair and restretching available for carpets, which makes them a great option for carpets of all ages, even if they are broken, ripped or fraying.

Techniques: While providing similar techniques to the last entry, the addition of agitation before extraction as well as an extra spot-removal and high-traffic treatment before drying drastically lowers the chance of spots returning once they leave.

Service area: The service area they operate in is also not listed on their website, but by looking at their Google My Business profile it is smaller than our previous entry. However, if you do land in their area of operations you will receive a more encompassing clean with more options for preserving your carpet.

Key Takeaways:

When comparing the entire service experience, the available options for carpet treatments, applicable techniques for getting the job done, and available service areas there is one company that stands out among the rest in Portland, OR: Fresh Carpet & Floor Care. Their company provides the most thorough cleaning you can find and we recommend contacting them the next time you need your carpets cleaned.

Logan Allen Baker
Logan is a home-service enthusiast that uses, promotes, and helps connect consumers with carpet cleaning companies across the globe.

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