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Picking Out Bedroom Carpet

Picking Out a Bedroom Carpet: The Essentials

If you spend your whole day working, your bedroom is the place you look forward to most at the end of the day. Once you walk into your bedroom, all stress slips away, and this feeling only grows if you step onto a lovely soft carpet! Besides warm bedding, pillows, and linens, your bedroom is complete with a quality carpet.

A new carpet is a perfect addition for those who don’t want to renovate but still want to freshen up their bedroom. The best carpet for bedrooms is one that oozes warmth and comfort when you walk or lie on it!

There are many kinds of carpets you can choose from, varying in materials, styles, textures, and prices. Luckily, this article will help you learn how to pick your future bedroom carpeting so it matches the one from your dreams!

The Benefits of Bedroom Carpeting

Bedrooms are sacred spaces of leisure, and a good carpet only adds to the relaxation. Here are other benefits of incorporating carpets in your bedroom:

Carpet Maintenance Is Easy!

Carpet cleaning does not involve heavy maintenance, so you don’t have to rely on external help every time to keep it spotless. The secret to a clean carpet is doing the cleanups regularly. This includes vacuuming at least twice a week and desensitizing with steam afterward. Not cleaning your carpets regularly will eventually require professional cleaning, and that can cost extra if the construction of the carpet is damaged.
The assuring fact is that bedrooms are commonly stain-resistant because they’re not the easiest to take out and clean.

Carpets Help Sound-proof Your Bedroom
Most fluffy carpets have sound-dampening qualities to keep your bedroom silent. Out of all the floor types, carpets absorb noise the best. To keep your bedroom prepared for sleeping, the best bedroom carpets will keep the noise to a minimum and mute the bedroom sounds.
Carpets Can Be Pet-friendly
Animals enjoy carpets just as much as their owners. Besides providing a warm and soft surface to lie on, pets like carpets for their feel. The best carpets for bedrooms will be pet-friendly, meaning they will resist tears from scratches, paw marks, hair, stains, etc.
Carpets attract pets, and a shedding dog can be a nightmare. Thoroughly clean your carpet if your pet has claimed it as their bed.

Carpets Provide Warmth and Leisure

When it comes to bedroom flooring, the most important thing to have is comfort. If you consider all flooring types, carpet is a clear winner for comfortability. During winter, it provides a warm surface that will keep your feet cozy and slipper-free! The carpet is a suitable choice if you are looking for leisure and pleasant temperatures in your bedroom, no matter the season.

Carpets Come in Various Prices

Carpets can come in a wide range of prices, from luxury to modest. The average cost for a new rug is $2.50 per square foot, but the price can vary between $0.65 and $12 per square foot. The prices can go higher if the installation and maintenance costs are not included in the carpet price.

Finding the Best Carpet for Bedrooms: Carpet Fibers Explained

Fibers are the most important factor in carpets. The structure of your fiber can either make or break your carpet floor experience. So, when choosing the best carpet for bedrooms, consider the following textures:


If the carpet is made of nylon fiber, it has strong resistance to abrasion, wear and tear, mold, insects, pet hair, etc. Nylon fiber carpets are also adaptable, meaning you can dye and color them effortlessly. Finally, nylon is among the most durable and static-free carpets that resist stains.
The only real drawback of nylon carpets is that water absorption can lead to mold growth.


If you are looking for a carpet type that provides plenty of warmth, go for wool carpets. Natural wool carpets are the most soil-resistant carpets, but they are not entirely stain-proof.

Nonetheless, wool is a perfect choice if you want durability, convenience, and tear-proof flooring. Wool fibers are very stretchy, retain shape, and resist furniture crush.

Although wool carpets have many benefits, they have one big downside. They require the most maintenance because they are prone to mold and mildew.


Polyester carpets are known as the most versatile. They are characterized by a luxurious feel and even better appearance, coming in almost all shapes, colors, and styles. Polyester fiber is known as the second softest carpet on the list after wool and the most common rug in offices, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Polyester carpets are easy to maintain because they are stain-resistant; however, this does not mean they are crush-resistant to furniture.

Polyester wears down and loses texture faster than wool and nylon carpets.


Olefin is another type of carpet you can find in spas, hair salons, furniture shops, and more. They can be a great addition to your bedroom if you want a carpet that’s plain but comfortable to walk on.

Referred to as barber-style carpets, Olefin carpets are lightweight and the least expensive alternative on our list. One drawback of olefin carpets is that they trap oils from food or outside, leading to permanent stains.

Best Bedroom Carpets: Shared Features

Apart from fiber structure, bedroom carpeting can be distinguished according to a few other features. This includes features like:


Most carpet brands that keep up with trends make their products using green innovations for sourcing and manufacturing. When it comes to eco options, wool is the winner. Wool carpets are green, renewable, and biodegradable.
Besides wool, polyester carpets like PET contain recycled content. This makes them another green option since it helps maintain and prolong the fiber’s lifespan. Polyester carpets are also easily recyclable because they tear down faster than other variants.


Buying natural carpets for your bedroom is key to alleviating symptoms. Although some synthetic carpets can worsen allergies, natural carpets will not provoke any allergies.
Wool carpets will not cause allergies immediately, but the best way to remain prepared is to vacuum as often as possible. Vacuuming often and doing deep cleaning at least once a week will double the chances of allergy protection.


Textured carpets are categorized into cut piles or looped carpets. Carpet textures are determined by the way the yarn is treated in construction. Some typical examples include ones like tightly twisted, varying yarn thickness, and a mix of loop and twisted fibers.

All of these provide a different appearance of texture, and the popular picks include:

  • Textured plush – durable and comfortable
  • Shag carpet – retro feel and look
  • Frieze – best carpet for a bedroom with lots of traffic
  • Plush pile – softness and luxury
  • Level loop pile – staircase carpet
  • Natural fibers like wool.


The material between the carpet and the subfloor underneath is called carpet padding, which acts as a cushion underneath the carpet. Without padding, you don’t have the foundation for floor installation. The pads also keep the underside of your carpet from rubbing against the bare floor and are recommended for areas with lots of traffic and heavy furniture.


Carpets are among the most affordable flooring types along with tiles and laminates. However, when deciding on the best carpet for bedroom spaces, consider the price of the materials, labor, installation, and underlay. All of this will contribute to the final cost.


When it comes to cleaning, all carpets require regular upkeep. While you should try to clean your carpet once or twice a week, this number can vary depending on its fibers. Polyester and nylon carpets are the easiest to clean, while wool is the hardest due to the texture.

If you’d rather leave the maintenance to the professionals but can’t find a reliable cleaning service, we at Carpet Advisors have got your back. Browse our catalog of the best carpet cleaners in your area and avoid the hassle of doing research on your own!

Closing Thoughts on Bedroom Carpets

The best carpet for bedrooms only increases leisure and relaxation – you just have to decide on the fiber! Wool is your go-to if you are looking for comfy and warm floors, and polyester is the second-best choice if you want something like wool but easier to maintain. Nylon and olefin are chosen for their durability and affordability and are the best for rooms with little to no sunlight.

Whichever carpet you choose, make sure it is comfortable and adds style, warmth, and color to the room!

FAQ About Carpet

What are the cons of carpet in bedrooms?

Carpets van be difficult to clean and may retain stains, mold, and other pests.

When should I replace my bedroom carpet?

If you properly maintain your bedroom carpet, you won’t have to replace it for another 5-10 years. If it smells and has permanent stains and obvious damage to the structure, you should replace it immediately.

What carpet is easiest to maintain?

Nylon is the easiest carpet to clean because of its amazing absorption capabilities.

Do home buyers prefer carpet in bedrooms?

Some buyers prefer carpet in their bedrooms for comfort, warmth, and softness.


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