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Pet Dander: The Best Way to Get Rid of It

A survey found that pet dander lingered in the majority of American households, predominantly on sofas, carpets, and beds – Can F 1 in 100% and Fel d 1 in 99.9%. These are omnipresent allergens that are easily spread around the house and could be an issue for anyone suffering from a pet allergy or asthma.

That is why pet owners regularly clean their homes of any pet’s fur. And yet when their friends or family with pet allergies arrive, they still show symptoms as if the place was not cleaned at all. This inevitably leads to the question, “What kills pet dander?” or “How to eliminate pet dander effectively?”

If you want to find the answers, keep reading this article and find several practical ways to get rid of pet dander permanently.

How to Get Rid of Pet Dander? The Ultimate Solution to Your Problem

Before we proceed with details suggesting how to get rid of dog dander or dander from any other animal for that matter, we should clarify the term first.

Pet dander is the protein pets produce daily that gets stuck in the fur. Namely, it is the protein that triggers allergic reactions in some people. That protein is not only present in the pet’s hair or skin but in the saliva and urine, as well.

Regardless of how much you may clean your pet, the pet dander will be present in your home. That is why specifically focusing on cleaning pet dander is important. Fortunately, there are a lot of cleaning techniques that can kill pet dander and eliminate it for some time.

What Kills Pet Dander?

Pet dander is not only bad for people prone to allergies or to your health but the overall hygiene. If the area where a pet dwells is not clean for more than 5 days, it will start to smell. It is important to clean it soon after you notice the smell because it will prevent the pet dander to penetrate deep into the fabrics requiring you to reclean and maybe disinfect the area.

You should know, however, that even if the area where the pet usually stays has been cleaned recently, there is still a chance of having a peculiar odor. This happens when the pet dander has not been cleaned with poor detergents that are not intended to work on pet dander.
For that reason, purchasing pet dander removal products is the best option. But sometimes, these can be out of your price range. Luckily, you don’t have to fret over it, as there are plenty of natural ways you can use when getting rid of pet dander.

Baking Soda

One of the strongest antidotes against smelly carpets, sofas, or even pet baskets, is baking soda. Even long ago, this was one of the most practical natural deodorant treatments. What’s more, baking soda can be used to completely get rid of pet dander.

All you have to do is sprinkle the soda generously on the area and leave it for several minutes. This will absorb the smell and neutralize the dander, leaving the sofa fresh and clean. After a few minutes, vacuum the soda from the sofa, and it is done.

You can apply soda to carpets of all kinds to remove the odor by following the same steps.

Vinegar and Lemon Juice

Many ask, “Does vinegar kill pet dander?” and the answer is yes. But when using it, you have to be extra careful as it gives off the same smell as ammoniac, urging your pets to continuously mark the area.

Luckily, you can use vinegar in combination with lemon. Instead of using super heavy chemicals, all you have to do is take ½ glass of water and ½ of vinegar and put the solution into a bowl. Add a cup of fresh lemon juice and mix it together nicely. Take a clean towel and soak it into the solution and leave it in the place that you want to clean for a few minutes.

How to Eliminate Pet Dander Once and for All?

The good news is that pet dander can be eliminated. However, you should know that since your pet will continue living with you even after you’ve cleaned your apartment, there is a high chance that you will face pet dander issues again.
This is why doing a thorough clean once in a while is the best solution. And for that, you’d need the help of professionals. Carpet Advisors is here to help you find the best service possible that will clean your carpets or furniture from pet dander so you and your family can don’t have to worry about any allergies or other dander-related issues.
Call us today and get listed tomorrow – we’ll find the best cleaning service in your area!

Tips of How to Eliminate Pet Dander on Your Own

To reduce allergies or to make your home safe and pleasant in general, you must practice the following hygiene tips:

Clean all fabrics: This includes regularly cleaning the furniture, curtains, carpets, or any other fabric in your house where your pet may stay. One of the effective tools for cleaning these materials is by using a steam machine. That way, you will remove dander even from below the surface. For a daily routine, you can use a sticky lint roller to remove recent sheds of hair on the surfaces.
Declutter the room: Pet dander transmits to surfaces instantly and has a tendency to stick around for a while. It is recommended that the area where the pet dwells to be decluttered to limit the objects where the dander may get transmitted.
Clean your pet regularly: The more you bathe your pet, the fewer chances of dander you have. However, this does not imply bathing your pet every day or more than recommended because it may undergo excessive shedding.
Consider HEPA filter: Filtrating your home is a must regardless if you have an allergic family to pets or not. Consider using the HEPA filter on your air handling unit, as these filters work best because they are designed to filter the air by catching microparticles of pet dander that flow around in the air.
Regularly maintain the air ducts: You must regularly clean and maintain the air ducts to eliminate pet dander. A professional air duct cleaning is not only a productive hygiene routine for your air ducts but also for the internal structure of the filter, as a regular maintenance routine might omit particles that later will transmit in the air.

Remember that there is no such furry pet that is hypoallergenic. All furry pets can cause allergies; some might trigger fewer allergic symptoms than others. Hypoallergenic pets are reptiles, sphynx, or fish – in a nutshell, the ones that do not shed at all.
As we said, as long as you live with a pet, you can’t get entirely rid of dander. One option for getting rid of pet dander is for your pet to live permanently outside your living space.

Getting Rid of Pet Dander: A Quick and Effective Method

Pet dander is light microscopic allergens that can easily stick to any surface or be distributed in the air. Therefore, getting rid of pet dander requires more effort than just regular cleaning of the house. So if you want to know how to eliminate pet dander effectively, you should:

Deep clean your carpets, sofas, or curtains;
Consider using a HEPA filter;
Clean or bath your pets regularly but not more than recommended;
Use steaming products.

Of course, there are plenty of natural solutions that you can use to clean the dander on your own. Vinegar, water and lemon juice are the top juice combo that can not only eliminate dander but it can also get rid of the pet smell around your house. Last but not least, baking soda is always an option for a natural home remedy.


How long does pet dander last?

As we mentioned, it is nearly impossible to clean the entire house from pet dander as it is airborne. Pet dander is light, microscopic, and jagged in shape, which is super easy to drift in the air.

What’s more, due to the electric properties of the pet dander and the fabrics, they magnetize, which results in fast spreading. As a result, the pet dander could stay up to 4–6 months on the surface if it is not properly cleaned.

How can pet dander affect humans?

The main problem that arises from pet dander is allergies. People that are prone to allergies can easily develop one when coming in direct contact with pet dander. The difference is in the outcome – some people fill get rashes or hives, while in others, it can be more drastic and end with asthmatic attacks.

How can you reduce pet dander?

There are plenty of solutions on the market that can get rid of pet dander from your home. But if you don’t want to use chemicals or they are out of your budget, you can also turn to natural remedies like baking soda. Nevertheless, taking care of your pet and frequently cleaning your home is also important in lowering the amount of pet dander in your home.

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