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How to Become a Certified Carpet Cleaner in the US
How to Become a Certified Carpet Cleaner in the US

Carpet cleaners are hired by both commercial real estate owners and homeowners. After all, having clean carpets and rugs plays an important role in part in establishing an inviting atmosphere, be it at home or the office. The carpet industry is quite profitable and is expected to reach $73.9 billion by 2026 – which is why many turn to offering carpet cleaning as a service.

If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug as well and would like a slice of the carpet cleaning business cake, you first need to become a certified carpet cleaner. As a carpet cleaning business, you’ll also need to obtain relevant training in the field and properly secure your business against industry-specific claims.

In this blog, we’ll share the key information on how to become a certified carpet cleaner with a flourishing business.

Why is It Important to Obtain Carpet Cleaner Certification?

It takes great effort to become a carpet cleaning professional. Before entering someone’s home with the required cleaning equipment, one must first acquire various certifications. Becoming a certified professional technician is really important in order to get the correct training and skills to perform carpet cleaning.

Incorrect training can easily lead to damaged carpets and upholstery. It can also result in the improper use of the equipment, which can then cause high equipment damage and repair bills. Not to forget, the improper use of chemicals can lead to chemically bonding stains and damaging fibers.

Luckily, there are a couple of training options at hand. One, you can attend an open training course which will give you a professional certification. Two, you can get your training for free, without having to purchase any equipment beforehand. Interestingly, some companies that sell carpet cleaner equipment offer free full-day handover courses with available equipment purchases.

All in all, it is of crucial importance that the training course is done by professionals and that the certification you get is valid.

How to Become a Certified Carpet Cleaner?

The most reliable source for carpet cleaning certification is IICRC. This organization certifies individuals and imposes clear standards for the inspection, cleaning, restoration, and installation sectors. For clients looking to work with individuals or businesses that have earned IICRC certification, their website is a useful resource. The procedure for obtaining an IICRC certification is simple. Simply, register for the certification course you desire and pass the associated test that comes with it.

Once you pass the exam, the IICRC will award you with a wallet card, patch, and an official certificate. Some IICRC classes have prerequisites that include taking other IICRC classes upon which the course is built. However, this is not the case with carpet cleaning classes, where there is no prerequisite to study extra for the exam.

While some jurisdictions only require a certificate similar to the one offered by the IICRC, other states also demand you get additional company licenses. In this case, passing state licensing tests is a prerequisite for both certification and registration as a professional carpet cleaner.
This could differ for workers employed by bigger companies versus those operating as private businesses.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to conduct a particular state study into each of the state’s regulations.

Skills Needed to Become a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners need to possess specific skills in order to carry out their duties professionally.
Some of the most common skills needed for someone in a carpet cleaner’s role include interpersonal abilities, technical skills, and physical strength.

If you want to establish your own carpet cleaning business as a service, you will first need to earn a business license from your state. Additional prerequisites include having certain business knowledge as well as an understanding of sales, marketing, and networking.

Operating bulky equipment and doing daily physical labor are both needed for professional carpet cleaning businesses. Also, nurturing client relationships by resolving their concerns and providing additional information is another must.

If you want to drive and carry the equipment from one location to another yourself, you’ll need good driving skills, too. Typically, a carpet cleaner will perform various cleaning sessions a day and travel between different locations when necessary.

What Does a IICRC Carpet Cleaner Course Include?

Interior and exterior carpet cleaning are both learning segments in the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician course. The course offers students the chance to gain enough professional skills and confidence to take on any work, regardless of the request or the nature of the cleaning area.

The course places its main focus on the main carpet cleaning principles and techniques. These include stain removal chemistry, getting rid of stubborn stains, and preventing stains from reappearing based on the carpeting you have.

The course focuses on practical skill application. It instructs students how to recognize fiber from yarn. It also teaches you how to tell between different carpet structures, designs, and textures. On top of that, it pays closer attention to soiling, the science of cleaning, the different methods you can use, and the issues you might face when cleaning carpets, alongside a fit solution.

By earning the IICRC CCT (Carpet Cleaning technician) certification, you will be considered a professional in performing carpet cleaning through various methods. Such methods include pre-inspection, fabric identification, basic cleaning chemical products and devices, and appropriate cleaning approaches with a key focus on residences and light commercial settings.

Other things to mind about the IICRC CCT course include:

  • Live stream and in-person certification are available upon signing up.
  • The course is also available in Spanish.
  • The course is designed for two days’ time, followed by the official certification.
  • Complete certification in the field grants you the title of Master Textile Cleaner or Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician.
  • The certification course is available for $65.

How to Get a Certified Carpet Cleaner? Carpet Advisors Puts Professionals in the Spotlight

The US carpet and rug cleaning industry gained $10.24 billion in 2020 alone, the expertise makes for a profitable business.

If you are thinking of becoming a certified carpet cleaner in the US, find a helping hand in Carpet Advisors. Our professional team helps certified carpet cleaners get in the spotlight and showcases them as leading service providers in their area.

Become a Carpet Advisor-recommended professional and sign up today to make the most of your career opportunities!


What is carpet certification?

Those who successfully finish a course that adheres to the industry standards program for that category become certified carpet cleaners. A passing score on a required test must be obtained. The certification must be further maintained with continued education in the field.

How do I start a carpet cleaning business in the USA?

  • Do market research. Calling regional carpet cleaning companies and learning more about the service they provide will help you conduct market analysis in your region.
    This will enable you to identify an unmet need and decide whether to focus on providing your carpet cleaning services to businesses or residences. The carpet cleaning system you will employ depends on your preference. You can choose a waterless or eco-friendly cleaning method, among others.
  • Create a company name, colors, logo, and branding. First, think about whether you want it to work as a (family) business or a local service. Or, you may prefer to run a large network with chain vans all over the country – also known as corporate service. Regardless of what you choose, choose a business name that really fits your vision and niche. Name aside, you also want to choose a suitable and simple-enough logo, as well as the right color palette. To ensure you did a good job here, compare your ideas to existing competitors in the business, and get inspired.
  • Choose a company van. Although carpet cleaning equipment can fit in cars and smaller vans, a mid-sized van is more recommendable. Essentially, it gives you more room for sign writing and advertising. A larger van is also handy for organizing your equipment and getting easy access to everything you need. All this combined gives you maximum time efficiency in loading and unloading cleaning equipment on site.
  • Professional training. Use the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification as a training resource to become a certified carpet cleaner. With it, you will increase your trustworthiness as a carpet cleaner. The course classes are available throughout the country. Visit the IICRC website to find the closest one or attend a live-stream.
  • Choosing a machine and chemicals. Choosing the right machine and chemicals can be a bit confusing because there is a wide variety of options. But if you want to keep things simple, choose premade equipment packs or do some research and find out what kind of machines are there on the market and the features they have.

Can you make money with a carpet cleaning business?

The success of the carpet cleaning business depends on how it is managed, but it has the potential to be quite profitable. In most communities, there is a constant high demand for carpet cleaning services for both homes and businesses.

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