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Cleaning Red Wine Stains from the Couch
Cleaning Red Wine Stains from the Couch: Ultimate Guide

Cleaning Red Wine Stains from the Couch: Ultimate Guide

Accidents happen, and sometimes a spilled glass of red wine on the couch is one of them. While it may seem like the end of the world, there are several effective ways of how to get red wine out of couch

We know the secret methods on how to remove red wine stain from couch, from using household items to specialized cleaners. So, whether you have a fabric or leather couch, explore the tips and tricks to make your couch look brand new again.

Red Wine Stains: Why Are They So Persistent?

Red wine stains are known for being stubborn and challenging to get out. This is due to the presence of the anthocyanin pigment, which gives red wine its deep, rich hue. This pigment gives red wine its rich color but also binds quickly to textiles and fibers, making stains hard to remove. 

Stains are frequently long-lasting because red wine contains chromogens and tannins. Tannins are chemical components that may attach to proteins and other organic molecules and cause browning and staining. On the other hand, the wine’s vivid red hue comes from chromogens, which are highly pigmented substances.

Red wine is also acidic and can cause further damage to fabrics and other materials, making removing red wine out of couch more challenging. The difficulty of removing red wine stains depends on the permeability of certain materials. High-porosity fabrics, like cotton or wool, are more likely to absorb the wine and hold the stain. Synthetic fabrics are, however, more stain-resistant.

Also, certain cleaning techniques or materials may cause further harm to the fabric. This is because some fabrics respond differently to different cleaning solutions. For instance, discoloration or fiber damage might result from using hot water or bleach on sensitive fabrics.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Couch: Step–by-Step

Removing a red wine stain from a couch can be frustrating. It is possible to restore the couch’s appearance with the right techniques and materials. Here we provide full instructions on how to get wine out of couch.

Absorb the Spill

The initial step to eliminate red wine stains is to blot up the spill immediately using a clean cloth or paper towel. Blotting the stain will help absorb as much of the wine as possible, preventing it from setting into the fabric. Acting immediately increases the chances of removing the stain. 

Avoid Rubbing the Stain

Removing red wine requires a mild approach on your side by avoiding rubbing the stain. Blot the spot to absorb as much wine as you can by using mild pressure. This helps to prevent the stain from setting in. Avoid rubbing the stain, since this might spread it and make it worse.

Identify the Material

Before removing the stain, make sure that you know the type of material the couch is made from. It aids you to choose the right cleaning solutions on the fabric to easily remove the stain.

Apply a Stain Remover

The next step includes applying a red wine stain’s removal to the affected area. You may buy a commercial stain remover or make your own by combining equal parts water, white vinegar, and baking soda. Let the stain remover rest on the stain for a while, giving it time to work. The key is to be patient and persistent, as it may take several attempts to completely remove the stain. 

Types of Products for Removing Stains

When removing red wine stains from different fabrics, it’s important to choose the appropriate cleaning solution and method. For example, a solution that works well on cotton may not be suitable for silk or wool.

  • For cotton, polyester, or other synthetic materials, a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar can be an effective stain remover. Dab the stain with the solution. Allow a few minutes to sit, and then wipe the area with a fresh towel.
  • Using a milder approach is essential when cleaning fragile materials like silk or wool. One solution is to use a delicate cloth to apply a mixture of a little cold water and mild detergent on the stain. Repeat the procedure of blotting the area with a clean, moist towel until the stain is removed.
  • When dealing with leather furniture, it’s best to use a commercial leather cleaner or a mixture of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol.

Rinse the Area

After removing red wine stains, be sure to rinse the affected area with clean water. Use a moist cloth or paper towel and soft movements to thoroughly clean the area. Make sure there is no water left behind. After rinsing, it’s crucial to blot the area to remove any remaining moisture that could cause damage or lead to further staining.

Allow the Area to Dry

The final step is drying. Allow the area to totally dry after cleaning it and before reusing the couch. Using a fan or opening windows to let more air in will hasten the drying process. Ensure the area is totally dry to prevent any more damage or stains. It is advised to let the sofa dry overnight, and even a day or two if the stain is severe, to make sure it is totally dry before using it again.

Removing red wine stains from a couch requires quick action and the right techniques. Shortly put, act quickly and avoid rubbing the area, which can worsen the stain. Try blotting most of the spill, and use an appropriate cleaner or stain remover. Even the most stubborn red wine stains may be removed with the appropriate procedures and supplies.

Professional Red Wine Stains Removal

A professional cleaning service provider can offer an effective solution for removing stubborn stains. They have access to advanced cleaning equipment and techniques on how to get wine out of couch. Professionals remove stains from couches, carpets, and other materials by using a range of methods, including steam and dry cleaning. 

If you hire a professional cleaning service for removing red wine stains, choosing a reputable and experienced provider is essential. Look for companies with good customer reviews and ask for references if necessary. Also, make sure to ask about their methods and techniques for removing stains, as well as the costs involved.

Removing Red Wine Stains: Final Remarks

Red wine stains on your furniture or carpet can be a real and serious issue, right? But don’t worry, with the right methods, you can totally get rid of them! 

The quickest way to stop the stain from spreading is to act quickly, wipe the spill, and avoid rubbing. Applying stain remover or creating your own with vinegar or baking soda and water can assist. It is advised to wipe the area with a clean towel and rinse it with water after allowing the stain remover to settle for a few minutes.

Contact professionals for expert cleaning if the stain doesn’t go away. They have all sorts of fancy equipment and specialized cleaning agents that can do the trick.

Of course, it’s always best to prevent spills in the first place, so make sure you use coasters and take care when pouring your wine. Accidents happen, so it’s good to know there are ways to tackle those pesky red wine stains! 


Does red wine come out of fabric?

Yes, you can remove red wine stains from the fabric, but it’s important to act fast and avoid rubbing the stain. Blot up the spill and apply a red wine stains removal, carefully following the instructions of the manufacturer. Rinse thoroughly and let the fabric dry completely before using it again. Note that different fabrics may require specific cleaning techniques or professional services.

Will rubbing alcohol remove red wine stains?

Yes, you can eliminate red wine stains on fabric by using rubbing alcohol. Because of the high isopropyl alcohol content, you can remove the stain from the fibers and break it down. Simply blot the stain and soak it with rubbing alcohol, then rinse and dry. 

What stains cannot be removed from the sofa?

There are certain stains that may be difficult, depending on the severity of the stain and the type of material. For example, oil stains like grease or motor oil can be challenging to remove. Other tough stains include ink, rust, and some types of dyes. Consult the manufacturer’s care instructions, and if you are dealing with a persistent stain, a professional cleaner or replacement may be necessary.

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